Ensure you and your family is getting the quality of vision care that you deserve by coming into the Child and Family Vision Center in Ankeny, where you will find the knowledge and experience to manage a variety of vision concerns.

Maintain your quality of vision with routine checks

Catch vision problems early and improve your chances of preventing your vision from deteriorating by scheduling routine checkups. This doesn’t only apply to adults – children should also have an annual eye screening to make sure they aren’t suffering from any vision abnormalities.

Thinking of getting Lasik?

Find out if you qualify with ease by scheduling an appointment where you will be walked through the various considerations you should be taking into account and all of your questions will be thoroughly answered.

Treat your eyes:

  • Dry eye care
  • Pink eyes
  • Cataract evaluation
  • Glaucoma management
  • Diabetes and other health conditions
  • Vision therapy and rehab

Keep your prescription up to date

Wearing glasses or contacts that have the wrong prescription can strain your eyes and cause headaches and other problems. Take steps to make sure your vision is always as clear as possible by calling today and setting up an appointment to check the state of your vision. Call us today at 515-608-8635.